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The Best in Arizona Variety Bands

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Our agency specializes in offering a great selection of variety bands. These artists, ranging in size from a single performer, to a group of 3, or more than 7 musicians, are sure to energize any-sized special occasion or corporate event. Each has a unique style and personality that will provide the best live music for your guests.

Former member of the Spiral Starecase Band, this artist has great variety, high-energy and performs as a soloist, duo, or quartet. He captures the style and feel of the music he sings, connecting with his audience, and brings the music to life. He sings a broad range of styles including popular music of the present back to the 50's and 60's standards in the style of Sinatra and Michael Buble’, Motown, R&B, and country.

This live charismatic band is exciting, full sounding, and versatile. They are seasoned and play the dynamics of your program from soft dinner music, events of the evening, to high energy dance music. They are a fun party band with great personalities and charisma, a visual delight and perfectionists at their craft.

This very casual high-energy duo brings a professional, charismatic, dance rock performance. In this time of social distancing, their delivery is synonymous with a fun, "peaceful, easy feeling." Because their repertoire is so vast, encompassing a wide variety of musical styles, such as contemporary, classic rock, and country western, they are a great addition to any playful summer party or corporate event.

Hire this seasoned singer, guitarist, harmonica player for a fun performance. Whether it's time to Rock & Roll or whisper a sultry tune, this entertainer gets the job done right. Playing his guitar and singing, he can work a room as a soloist for soft background or play straight forward rock & roll in high-spirited occasions. He can diversify his music between the "unplugged" sound, or "thump and sizzle" using high-tech backgrounds. Either way, he plays and sings all the songs.

This contemporary duo is multi-talented and offers a high-energy performance that will impress your guests. While both performers offer amazing vocals, he plays guitar, ukulele, and harmonica, and she plays guitar, and percussion. They are the perfect addition to any private party, reception, special event or grand opening.

This singer provides a compact, solo music experience utilizing music tracks through a BOSE sound system that will fill your event space with rich full sound at a comfortable volume. He sings a wide range of styles bringing the songs to life with the charisma and class that only a professional artist can deliver.

This high-energy classic Rock-and-Roll band is very versatile; they can be a single, duo, up to a 5-piece band, plugged or unplugged. They present a full evening of musical merriment with songs that range from Van Morrison's "Moondance" to the Fine Young Cannibals' "Good Thing." The lead singer is audience interactive, and keeps them entertained with his onstage antics.

High-energy, fun, versatile, contemporary, and full-sounding describes this 6-piece band with mini horn section.They are seasoned and play the dynamics of your program from MCing the event to soft dinner music, and, finally, to high-energy dance music. They are a fun party band with great personalities and charisma.

This contemporary cover band tops the play list, specializing in live renditions of Top 40 Dance & Hip Hop songs popular right now. With their additional DJ services, you can have the best of both worlds at your corporate event -- a live band experience with DJ-like versatility.

This contemporary band is a popular choice for corporate events, private parties, or wedding receptions because they have an upbeat and diverse musical style

This contemporary cover band performs the gambit, from Top 40 to the Temptations, Whitney, to Sheryl Crow, they always step it up. Whether a corporate party, nightclub or special event, this band feels right at home.

This energetic classic rock band also specializes in British Invasion music. They are outfitted to handle everything from intimate formal affairs to outdoor festivals and concerts with a musical variety that will be right for every occasion.

This cover band plays a wide variety of dance and party favorites ranging from today’s latest hits to the oldies everyone knows by heart. If you require cocktail, dinner, wedding ceremony and/or reception music they have you covered with the appropriate style and instrumentation for your special day. Complimentary “Master of Ceremony” services are also part of the package. Available as a 6 piece band, or up to an 11 piece big band with horns.

This live contemporary Karaoke band is comfortable playing all venues. Their experience, huge repertoire and variety of styles is sure to please. From a vocal and piano duo, to a full six-piece band, at any size venue or event, they are the right choice for entertainment.

Contemporary dance and Motown groove is a slam-dunk for this 5 piece contemporary band. Three vocalists in the group cover material from Britney to Kool & the Gang.

Great harmonies, danceable fun, and an incredible selection of pop music's greatest hits are what sets this band apart from the rest. Whether a duo, trio or quartet this band expertly recreates music of The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Del Shannon, The Box Tops, Neil Diamond, The Soul Survivors, The Doors, Jay & The Americans, Ritchie Valens, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Monkeys and more. Call us today!

This band plays great Rhythm & Blues, Motown and the horn hits of the 70s at its best. The combination of their rhythm, horn, and vocal sections are unsurpassed. Oh, and the Horn section does choreography!

This fabulous 6-piece high-energy band feels equally comfortable playing for a casual rock & roll party, or an elegant final night awards banquet, and has the ability to fit in perfectly, styling the energy and sounds of over sixty groups, from the '40s to today. An optional 4-piece horn section can be added for a fuller sound.

This nine-piece band of musicians includes a soulful male & female lead vocal, a rhythm section that will penetrate every bone in your body, and a 3-piece hot Motown horn section. Baby get your groove on!

This is one of the finest jump-swing bands in the world. These talented musicians have entertained crowds in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and nearly everywhere in-between. The players themselves are internationally renowned and respected musicians, having expertise in just about every genre of music.

This band is one of the finest "old school" bands in the state. They bring you scorching horns and powerful lead vocals with some of the best R & B classic and contemporary favorites. Their lead player creates searing blues licks, with tight-driving horns, making them a great "Blues Band."