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Add some class and excitement to your next event with one of our smooth Jazz bands. Our Agency offers highly specialized musicians that are guaranteed to bring a spirited music and vocal experience to your party, whether a wedding event, social gathering or corporate extravaganza.

This graduate of the Berklee School of Music in Boston has been "one to watch" in the Phoenix area since taking up residence here in 1990. While there, he won the Berklee Performer/Songwriter Award four times as well as becoming a two time all around winner of the Berklee Songwriter Competition. He continues to delight audiences with his growing repertoire of original compositions, presented in performance alongside straight-ahead and Latin jazz standards. He has four albums to his credit.

This talented trio creates a sultry jazz club ambiance, playing standard & contemporary jazz. The blend of these three musical stylists allows their passion to create performances with dynamics & flair.

This jazz trio/quartet is led by one of the most articulate female jazz players in the nation. She and her musicians come together to push the edges of the ensemble quartet with an unmatched intensity. They mix up styles, approaches, and ideas to create their sound which is jazz, original, modern, classical....bold, daring and beautiful. This versatile group can also play as a duo, trio or quartet to better suit your event.

This jazz singer has been influenced by a long line of gifted artists, but she is truly a one-of-a-kind powerhouse. It has been written that when she begins to sing, "she takes control of the song and of your feelings, pouring her 'soul' into the music."

This vibrant standard and jazz singer, with his trio of talented musicians, rock the roof as soon as they light up the stage. Your guests are guaranteed to be especially delighted with the brilliant rendition of classic Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett tunes. And, his delivery is impeccable, with a great Las Vegas and Rat Pack-type show. "Wow, what a talent!" is just what your guests will say.

This talented jazz band provides Jazz with Soul. With an emphasis on Latin jazz, they range from traditional Latin to contemporary music with the spirit of improvisation and the love of jazz always intact. This is the best presentation of jazz that is easy to listen to, but rooted in the integrity and creativity that make this music celebrated as America’s own unique art form.