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Transport the guests of your next corporate event or private party to the beautiful, lush gardens of a tropical paradise. The music of the islands, whether a steel-drum band, Caribbean, Reggae, Jamaican, or Polynesian, are guaranteed to entice, entrance, and excite any audience. Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing'!

Caribbean island music takes a twist with this artist because of his versatile instrumentation of steel drum, sax, keyboards and flute. His sound is happy and fun, with a vast repertoire spanning decades of Classic Rock, R & B, and smooth Jazz. He can perform as a duo, trio, or quartet. So, 'don't worry - be happy'!

Believing that inspiration is one of the greatest gifts we can share with each other is this artist's contribution to the world. His Reggae music allows him to share his gift with you. The band's music is a mix of Caribbean folk, Reggae, Steel Drum and Rock that you will enjoy and feel the presence of the island groove.

This group is a 4-7 piece reggae band that incorporates the complete Jamaican style with authentic Jamaica dialect vocals. They are a fun, party jammin' band that captures the Caribbean ethnic style. You can't help feeling the beat and getting into the relaxed tropical groove, "cuz every little ting's gonna be alrite, mon".

The rhythm is gonna get-cha & you'll feel the island beat with this band of tropical sounds. Whether marimba or steel drum, or combination of both, this band's island music is so authentic, you can almost feel the Caribbean breeze.

This Beach Band creates an infectious dance groove unlike any other, turning any room into a booty shaking world party! Chill grooves, raucous Reggae, doses of Latin, R&B, Pop and Jazz. They are jamming man!