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Latin Bands for Corporate Events and Parties

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Add some spice and excitement to your next event with one of our talented Latin bands. Our Agency offers highly specialized musicians that are guaranteed to bring a spirited music and vocal experience to your party, whether a wedding event, social gathering or corporate extravaganza.

This band is very diverse, in that they not only play salsa and Latino music, but cross over into Classic Rock, Rhythm and Blues and current and commercial material. They are fun, interactive and a real crowd pleaser.

This group is a kaleidoscope of Contemporary and Latin musical flavors. Latin Jazz and Salsa rhythms drive this electric band of award winning musicians. Audiences love their Latin sounds of Merengue, Salsa, Cha Cha and Rhumbas, as well as moving, soothing, Latin Jazz. They are dedicated to music and live performance.

This band will thrill your guests with the hottest music of Central and South America. From the soothing romantic Mexican ballads sung in 3 & 4 part harmonies, to the sizzling rhythms of Panama & Brazil, they can be acoustic or amplified.

This versatile band will thrill your guests with the hottest Latin music. These gifted musicians are not only talented at making music, but also at entertaining your guests with their enthusiastic personalities.

The secret to this band's success has been in its ability to cross ethnic borders and do subtle blends of salsa, Latino, disco, rock, and rhythm and blues. Several members of the band are fluent in Spanish and English, therefore making them an excellent choice for audiences of blended cultures.

Known for its high energy, versatility, and ability to engage and interact with the audience, this group of highly-skilled musicians covers a broad spectrum of musical styles. This 7-member band is comprised of 5 females and 2 males, with 5 lead singers which lends to a unique look as well as an exceptional sound. With its diversity and talent, this band is high on the entertainment factor for any event.