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The Best in Arizona Mariachi Bands

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Add fun and excitement to your event with one of our exuberant mariachi bands. These traditional Mexican mariachis are guaranteed to have your guests on their feet and dancing to the lively beat.

This fun loving large Mariachi band will excite your guests and get them singing along to the musical favorites of Mexico. You will be charmed with their exhilarating sound and memorable performance. Perfect for a party, wedding or corporate event.

This versatile mariachi group is an exciting addition to any event. They stroll, play and sing; will even involve your guests with the 'Mexican Hat Dance' for an interactive fun experience. They perform as a trio or a quartet so they can best accommodate your musical needs.

This exciting Mariachi band is the feminine counterpart to the beautiful southwest favorite. Our all female group goes toe to toe with the best of the Muchachos! Their look and sound is a delight, guaranteed to stir the passion in you.