Applause Productions and Entertainment

Mid-Eastern Band

five female performers two male musicians in Mid-Eastern attire

Our mysterious Arabian Nights Theme transports you to a place of "flying carpets and genies". The Moroccan and mid-eastern music is set ablaze with belly dancers, which mesmerize your guests. Audience interaction comes to life with the teaching of the dance, and there can always be a camel available for a photo opportunity.

  • Sahara Caravan
  • Elenitsa Mu
  • Harmandali
  • Hijaz
  • Hovarda Zeybek
  • Huzzam
  • Kurdi
  • Lama Bada
  • Mevlana
  • Muhabbet
  • Nihavent
  • Nikriz
  • Rast
  • Rompi Rompi
  • Saba
  • Sala Sala
  • Segah
  • Ussak
  • Wain Aramulla
  • Ya Mustafa
  • Ya Tira Tiri