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Southwest Bands for Corporate Events and Parties

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All of our southwest bands are composed of talented and professional musicians who have a passion for performing. We offer many styles of music, from authentic Mexican mariachi to traditional flamenco. Whether you have a small pool party for fifty people, or a corporate event that you'd like to signature with the special sounds of the Southwest, hiring our agency guarantees that your event will have the best live entertainment in Phoenix.

This musician has acquired national status as a headline act. Top New Age Label, and Top New Age Artist with 6 albums charting on Billboards 100 list are only a few of his many credits. The first ever Flamenco style guitarist to be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, his show is a dynamic, awe-inspiring musical journey into the world of Classical/Flamenco music. To date, he has 7 albums that are filled with his dynamic music and stylized orchestral sounding arrangements.

In this spectacular, colorful, Native American performance you will listen to the serene and beautiful Native American flute, and witness the special meaning of this southwest favorite. He also performs Native American dances, such as the World famous Hoop dance with elegance, precision, and authenticity, keeping The Native American culture alive.

This Native American Band from Phoenix, Arizona performs a mystical journey of traditional native dance and original contemporary music.

Beautifully blending the sounds and rhythms of their native Greek culture with the warm, inviting romance of the Spanish guitar, these brothers have created an authentic and intimate Mediterranean style that perfectly complements the powerful jazz-fusion of their popular Phoenix-based band. This gifted duo has enthralled thousands of people at clubs and arts and crafts festivals throughout the Southwest with their unique hybrid sound. We are delighted to feature this bands original music on our Website's opening menu page.

This classically trained guitarist plays dynamic arrangements of Latin, Classical and Flamenco, capturing the zest and essence of life through his music. These haunting rhythms are full of passion and are a powerful sound that will leave your guests wanting more.

This band will thrill your guests with the hottest music of Central and South America. From the soothing romantic Mexican ballads sung in 3 & 4 part harmonies, to the sizzling rhythms of Panama & Brazil, they will captivate and energize your event. They perform acoustically or can also be amplified.

This accomplished Flamenco guitarist plays with lightning dexterity and technique, as his music transports you to Spain. His passionate performances are sure to please your guests and set a musical fervor in their hearts. Perfect for corporate events and parties.

With the talented performers who comprise this exhilarating theme, your guests are sure to feel the passion and essence of Spain. Listen to the sounds of the traditional Flamenco bravura while you watch the majestic crisp Spanish dance movements with dynamic blazing rhythms, augmented by castanets and vigorous foot expertise, reminiscent of old Spain. If you are looking to put charm and romance into your next intimate gathering or large-scale special event, this European treat will astound your guests.