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Whether you desire the melodious sounds of the Middle East for a themed event, or the passionate and powerful pulse of Far East drummers, one of these talented bands is guaranteed to make musical world travelers of your guests. These gifted and specialized entertainers are simply the best in their chosen fields and will make your special event more memorable.

From swinging sambas and sizzling salsa, to the soothing bossa novas and romantic ballads, this group plays traditional music from Brazil and Cuba, seasoned with a jazz flavor. They feature a vocalist who sings in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Our mysterious Arabian Nights Theme transports you to a place of "flying carpets and genies". The Moroccan and mid-eastern music is set ablaze with belly dancers, which mesmerize your guests. Audience interaction comes to life with the teaching of the dance, and there can always be a camel available for a photo opportunity.

This artist has elegance and talent. Her passion for music is obvious and will delight your guests no matter what your special event might be.

This band is best known for its unique fusion of world music and emotionally intense stage performances. By mixing the best of many cultures, such as Gypsy, Celtic violin, Greek bouzouki, Arabic Oud and traditional Middle Eastern percussion, this group creates music that is truly New Age.

This band provides the authentic music of the Middle East. You'll be taken on a journey of sound that is guaranteed to impress your guests and leave them wanting more.

This Japanese Drumming ensemble brings excitement and intensity of sound that thrills your guests and brings an ancient culture from across the world to electrify your event.

You can celebrate Oktoberfest any time of year with our fun and playful German presentation. Complete with an authentic German-style oom-pah-pah band, accordion and darling polka dancers, your event will sparkle with the charm of this European classic. Whether you need something special for an intimate gathering, or are wanting to provide a powerful presentation for a group of thousands, these entertainers are sure to please.